4 Family Friendly Lake Trails with Scenic Drives

Okay I’m really terrible at keeping up a blog, let’s be honest.  However I’m working on it!  Today I decided to post about some fun family friendly lake trails.  These are the best when starting out hiking with your little ones.  Kids LOVE water features (lakes, streams, waterfalls, etc) so hiking around a lake is always a hit with the kids.  The other added bonus with each of these trails is that they all include a beautiful scenic drive to your destination.  So pick a lazy summer day and pack up your family in your car and head out on an adventure to one of these awesome trails!  Warning:  Weekends are going to be busier in the summer so plan accordingly.  We usually try to avoid Fridays and Saturdays.  Weekdays are the best and we’ve also had decent luck on Sundays (but they can also be busy).


Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy Moderate (1.2 mile loop, some rocky areas, mild elevation changes)

1.2 mile loop

Fee: $6 day pass

Take a lovely drive up Logan Canyon and enjoy the scenic drive and you curve back and forth through the mountains.  Then as you take the turn off for Tony Grove you’ll be enjoying the beautiful forest scenery.  This trail is exploding with wildflowers starting around July.  There are picnic areas and lots of trees to hang your hammock.  We went on a Friday afternoon and only met a few people on the trail.  This is definitely one of our favorites!

Trail Details HERE



Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy Moderate (1.5 mile loop, mostly flat with some rocky areas)

1.5 mile loop

Fee: $6 day pass

I’ve blogged about this trail before HERE.  However I still have to mention it again because we just love it.  You just can’t beat a Sunday afternoon drive on the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.  Stop at the Provo River Falls on your way up to Mirror Lake, your kids will love the waterfalls and playing and exploring along the rocks and in the river.  Keep your eyes open on your drive, chances are you might see some wildlife.

Trail Details HERE


SILVER LAKE LOOP TRAIL (Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT)

Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy (.9 mile loop, mostly flat, boardwalks)

0.9 mile loop

Fee: none

Big Cottonwood Canyon can get crowded in the summer, but it is absolutely beautiful and there are so many good hikes in the area.  I really love this trail because it is STROLLER FRIENDLY so I don’t have to be nervous taking friends and family along who don’t have as much hiking experience.  It is a great place to take your little little babes.  It is a great little introduction to nature.  Parking can be a little crazy, but it seems that people are constantly coming and going.  We just made a couple loops around the parking lot and then pulled in when someone left.

Trail Details HERE



Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy (.8 mile loop, bottom loop mostly flat and stroller friendly, upper loops include stairs and rocky areas)

0.8 mile loop

Fee: $6 day pass

Okay so this last one isn’t actually a lake, it is a natural spring, but it is a water feature and it is a family friendly nature trail with a scenic drive so I had to include it!  A beautiful drive into the canyon and then along the Cascade Scenic Drive will soon take you to this fun little trail.  It is comprised of 3 loops around the spring.  The bottom loop is STROLLER FRIENDLY but the upper loops have stairs.  Try to spot fish in the lower ponds then make your way up through the different loops.

Trail Details HERE



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