5 Favorite Nature Trails

I mentioned in an earlier post that a good way to get your kids and family ready for hiking is taking them to a nature trail.  So today I am highlighting 5 of my favorites that are in Davis County, UT and close to where I live.  If you live in Davis County check these out, or search for local nature trails in your community, you may be surprised at what is hiding just around the corner.

#1  Nicholls Hollow Trail/Gailey Nature Trail/Bair Creek Nature Trail (1105 Nicholls Rd, Fruit Heights, UT 84037)

Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy ( wide mostly flat trail, short decent down to trail)

Not 100% sure on the actual name of this trail, it seems to go by several names.  It is located in Fruit Heights right next to Nicholls Park or Castle Park.  West of the actual park there is a large picnic pavilion and you will notice that just to the east of the pavilion you can walk down to the hollow and get access to the trail.  We love this one.  There are trees, a little stream, multiple bridges, and shade.  We always go here just to explore, I’ve never done the entire trail so I don’t really know how far it goes in either direction.





#2  The Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve (41 S 3200 W, Layton, UT 84041)

Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy (1.3 mile loop boardwalk, flat with optional climb up tower)

You’ll find this next gem out in West Layton.  Follow this neat boardwalk trail loop through the swampy marshes of the Great Salt Lake.  There are information exhibits and a really cool lookout tower.  Bring your stroller and a picnic and have yourself a wonderful time.  There isn’t shade here besides a little on the tower and pavilion so plan accordingly.





#3  Lagoon Trail/Farmington Creek Trail (Map)

Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy (up to 2.3 miles if including 2nd trail, paved mostly flat)

I grew up right by this trail and it has always been a favorite for me.  The paved trail makes it great for bikes and strollers.  The tall trees, stream, and lush foliage make it an absolutely beautiful nature trail.  There are multiple access points for this trail, we usually start at the north entrance off of 200 W  (see map).  A little ways down the start of the trail you will come to a fork.  Turn left and you will follow a trail up to Farmington Pond, keep going and this actually continues into a hiking trail up the mountains.  If you go right at the first fork you will continue on towards Lagoon.  Once you end the first leg of the trail to Lagoon, walk up the road and you can choose to enter the 2nd trail which takes you all the way past some of the animals at Lagoon Amusement Park.





#4  Kays Creek Parkway (link to map & trail heads)

Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy Moderate (up to 5 miles paved trail some areas of elevation change and hills)

Here is another paved trail that is good for biking and strollers.  This one is located in North Layton and has several access points.  Not as much shade here, but it is about 5 miles of paved trail.  There are a few little exhibits that give info about animals and plants in the area.  Nice place for a summer evening stroll.




#5  Layton Commons Park Walking Trail (437 N Wasatch Dr, Layton,UT)

Little Mountaineers Rating: Easy  (about 1.5 miles flat easy trail)

Here is another little walking trail right next to a park.  I love when there are these little trails off of the actual park because you can play at the park and do some nature exploring all in the same day.  This trail follows a little stream with ducks, geese and other birds.  It is about 1.5 miles and there is a really cool bridge if you follow the trail to the north, this will also connect you to the 2nd park in the area.

These are just a few of the little nature trails we have enjoyed that are close to home.  We hope you get to try them out!




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